Cross-Border Transactions

We assist clients in working through trade regulatory issues in their cross-border transactions, and in developing standard procedures and model clauses addressing such issues:


  • Export controls, sanctions, FCPA, customs and trade due diligence for new business partners or sales channels, and for cross-border acquisitions or divestments


  • Notifications to export control agencies, and transfers of licenses in connection with mergers, acquisitions and divestments


  • Exon-Florio (CFIUS) review and ITAR notifications when a non-U.S. person invests in a U.S. business in a manner raising potential national security or ITAR issues


  • Draft model trade controls, FCPA and AML clauses for cross-border sales, manufacturing, corporate and finance agreements, and negotiating such clauses


  • Related disclosure requirements for companies with a U.S. stock market listing


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